ergo baby carrier | papa

Our sunset walk on the beach, ergo baby carrier was a must-have. Papa was a hands-free for mama to hold his hands and Bear looked so comfy in it. Oh yes, Bear’s first swing ride, I’d say it was a success. He loves jumping and we’ve been doing this home swing with a doorway jumper for a while now, and he LOVES it. He could be in it for hours if I let him to. Haha The best toy for 6 months old baby! Papa works out in front of him and Bear jumps. That’s our morning routine for buys.




DIY Large soy candle in mason jars

Thanks to Thotwawki for the tutorial and here’s what i did to make my large soy candles in those big mason jars. My little one was sick ( poor little thing ) this past weekend so insted of going to adventures and hikes, we took it easy and stayed home. I’ve wanted to try making them for a while so I decided to give it a try! I wanted something in a large size and long lasting candles for our home, a couple of them in each room. Just in time for holidays! They make such a great gift too! I’m hooked. I love the way of the house smells. Can’t wait to bring them to camping trips too.

The materials I used :

  1. Natural Soy 444 Wax: 10 pound bag on amazon for $21
  2. 50 Medium 100% Cotton Wicks Wick Pre-Tabbed 9 inches on ebay for $12
  3. Wide mouth mason jars
  4. Trader Joe’s Pure Vanilla Flavor Alcohol Free


6 months.

At this point, I feel like Bear is no longer a baby-baby. He sits down and eats with us, breakfast, lunch and dinner. He keeps me company! He thinks papa is the funniest guy he knows. Sometimes he can’t even stop laughing. I bet his tummy hurts! We started solid food when he was 4 months old so now he can eat pretty much anything. I love sharing my food with that boy! When i shared a hotdog with him at IKEA the other day I almost cried. I won’t forget the moment. our baby milestones! A big. number. six. i know you’re just showing off to mama and papa.

Photos from our favorite hiking spot to see a sunset on griffith park hills.


Month to month | status updates of BEAR

Here’s how I’ve been documenting Bear’s first year. I love watching him grow bigger every month. There’s always something new with him everyday and i love that. I can’t wait to put them together and make a photo book when he turns one. One of my on-going family projects!

I was asked a few times over instagram, if i use any app to create these images. No no apps. Here’s step by step of how i do it. Hope this helps!

  1. Use a white bedding or blanket for the clean background.
  2. Put your baby on top of the blanket, on a ground because you have to take photos from top of him to get the straight shots.
  3. I shoot with my camera, canon 5d mark ii with 5omm lens, when he’s in a good mood.
  4. Import them in Lightroom, convert raw to jpeg
  5. Edit in photoshop and draw arrows and comments using wacom intuos
  6. Save 2 versions of final images, low and high resolution ( 72 dpi & 300 dpi ) for easy sharing online. Dropbox is the easiest to access to the files from iphone / ipad.


0month0month 11month2months3month4month5months-16months seicho

Oh just too cute!!! :) x


Thanks Amy! xo

fatherhood | films

A short film 1 minute series featuring papa and son. They couldn’t be more in love.

very sweet video <3


Hi Yuna!

I love your videos so much. Photography too of course! Was wondering what you use? Camera and lens and software? Your videos are so simple, yet SO beautiful!

Thank you!!


Thank you so much! I shot with Canon 5d mark ii, with 35mm lens and 50mm. I edited each footage in Lightroom and put them together in Premiere Pro. ( text / music / composing ) good luck :)


Thank you Erin! xo