iphone photography : the belly and bear. video.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset


Here we go… the story time. It feels like a forever-ago when I had that belly since he’ll be 2 months old this weekend. wow. Stop growing so fast, my little bear! I documented my 9 months pregnancy mostly with iphone 5 using 8mm video app and vsco cam editing app and I’m so glad that I did. I also made a coffee book from Artifact Uprising. Of course i took a very last minute maternity photos with DSLR using a tripod & self timer when i was just 37 weeks, 2 days before bear was born. Good thing, i didn’t wait to hit 38 weeks! :) Looking back all the photos and short video clips brings back the beautiful and emotional memories. I loved the random “Congrats!” on a street when I’m out shopping and all the smiles and belly rubbing. You know kids love asking questions right? like, “can i see a baby now?’ and follows me at markets. Such a happy moment! I found out that I was pregnant right around my 25th birthday. The best birthday surprise ever! I’ve always wanted a buddy, a little miniature version of casey to play with and keep in my pocket and now i have one. Here’s our son, Bear’s birth story with week by week photos. He came 2 weeks and a half early and we couldn’t be happier. The water broke at 2:00am ( I cried like a baby, I just couldn’t believe it was really happening! ) and I gave birth to him before our lunch time. we just stared at him with giant smiles and heavy hearts for hours. I’m so grateful that i got to share such a special, incredible experience with families, in the same room. Bear was so healthy 7lb 11oz. 20 inch long, handsome boy, looks just like his papa. Today we’re so proud and so in love. Thanks for making me a mama, little one. words cannot express how much love i have for you. but let me just say it out loud, i love you, my boys.