halloween 2014 part 1 | papa and son | buddies

i DIE. my handsome boys! when I see them hanging out together, being buddies, papa throwing Bear around, my heart melts like chocolate.

What Papa wore | H&M black tee | Levis jeans 510 | stefeno hat

What Bear wore | tattoo onesie from etsy | Born to love cap


Awwe, he is such a sweet little adorable rockn`roll star!!! ^_^
It`s so wonderful to see that you have a beautiful small family Yuna!


Thank you so much Yuna! You’re so sweet!!xo

Custom DIY pipe shelving | home studio

After baby BEAR was born, I (we!) decided to say good bye to so many stuff we owned. Got rid of unnecessary items and went through every single closet in the house. Many trips to my dear goodwill. Now the open space makes me happy and creative. I share my office / sunroom space with Bear, his playroom, I knew we had to sell our CB2 glass desks ( i really liked them but we needed more space!) to make the room really clean, light filled and simple. And my amazing husband casey built this custom pipe shelving for me and boy. I’m loving it everyday. I nurse, yoga, work and play with Bear, spend quite a lot of time in the room. my happy space!

The last 2 photos are his first custom pipe shelving he made 2 years ago. Yep, i know i’m so lucky to have him. Note : he makes cartoons for living. :)

IMG_6834 copyIMG_6813 copyIMG_6853IMG_6877IMG_6857IMG_6892IMG_6898IMG_6862IMG_6901IMG_6860