our backyard baby shower | 34 weeks pregnant

It was a super casual “beer and hotdog” party for the baby bear! ( when i was 34 weeks pregnant and i looked huge! wow.) We kept it very simple as usual and hosted it at our home in silverlake. for everyone to have good times. good company, good food. A fun sunday afternoon gathering for close friends and family. We were so happy that both of our mamas could make it and cooked their signature dishes for the guests. They were such a big hit! Mama laura’s fruits and macaroni salad & Mama yoko’s famous spicy karaage ( japanese fried chicken ) + salmon onigiri. what a treat! my nephew KAI got to meet everyone for the first time, he was almost 2 month old that time! he was passed from knees to knees and made everyone smile. babies are just so precious. i am so thankful for people who came by and cerebrated with us. arigato. what a special day for three of us. Now bear is one month old ( yay! ) and It’s just so hard to believe that he was inside of my belly. that belly. honestly tho, i miss being pregnant. i enjoyed every single day of 10 months! it was the most magical time of my life to see my belly getting bigger and bigger everyday and feel his kicks, heart beats and hiccups inside of me. I can’t wait to do those things all over again! i’ve always dreamed of making one big family. i met casey ( hubbyy ) when i was 21 years old and i remember the feeling that i was so ready to have family with him. you know, i had the biggest crush on him! why did we wait so long? oh yes, that’s right. that’s because we got married 3 times over the course of 2 years ( eloped in vegas / los olivos farm house wedding / traditional japanese ceremony at the temple in hida takayama, my hometown. ) he just couldn’t stop marring me! haha On our first hiking date to the Runyon canyon trail on hollywood hills back in 201o, we talked about how many kinds we wanted in the future and we said four to each other. and here we are. Baby no.1. this is just the beginning. xo


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