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thanks, as always, for visiting here! Between traveling all over the california, east coast to martha’s vineyard, shooting non-stop this long summer, I haven’t had much time to share new work. Here’s a handful of  images + moments i captured. i promise, more images and updates are coming very soon.

M V DayAfter 093
M V DayAfter 110
Claudia David Wedding0211 copy
Claudia David Wedding0857 copy650
IMG_8826 copy
Claudia David Wedding0376 copy
M V DayAfter 101
IMG_6897 copy
Claudia David Wedding0788 copy
IMG_8074 copy
IMG_5869 copy
IMG_6210 copy
preview 019
Wedding Stephen Hedi 146
Wedding Stephen Hedi 175
IMG_7190 copy
IMG_5977 copy
IMG_7229-2 copy
preview 010
IMG_9674 copy
preview 0008
preview 008

preview 015
preview 018

Beautiful, ethereal work Yuna! Youre only getting better and better as time goes on!


yesterday i turned 25. Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! i couldn’t ask for a more perfect day. my heart is full. you’re my forever casey leonard. i sure love you.

1. bday gift part one. me and you. art by casey leonard. inspired by Ghibli studio japan ( of course! )

2. part two. handmade shelving unit for our new kitchen.

3. photobooth fun with BFFs.

Ooh, congratulation!!!
Seem to be a great party and fun ^_^
best wishes
Yuna ^_^

Our anniversary

It was our anniversary yesterday! I woked up to this amazing handmade bench by hubby and i couldn’t be happier. What a guy. I was such a happy camper all day! found a perfect spot for my plants and books in the studio. For those of you who don’t know us, we have 3 anniversaries. i know it sounds crazy but we do. Eloped in Vegas, Had a family party at the farmhouse, Los Olivos and traditional japanese wedding ( casey was a samurai ) in my hometown, takayama japan. yes we have a lot to cerebrate and im loving every second of it.

It’s been a crazy summer so far in a good way! I shoot weddings on weekends so we rarely have weekends off together which is sad but we try our best to make it up. More time to work on his cartoon pitch i guess :) We have a lot going on outside of work! Working on our gardens and enjoying the farm life in la. we’re on the second round of tomatoes and cucumbers! I love cali weather, looong summer!  We also decided to knock down the kitchen wall and renovating the dining / kitchen area. I feel so lucky to have such handy boys in my family. Cousin Tom is a superman. ( we’re doing everything on our own! ) and building pipe shelving unit, plus redoing the fence for our front yard. Nonstop projects around the house. it’s all DIY. I love you babe! Such a hardworking man, just like my dad, yoshi. heart.

I love the bench!! Your husband is talented AND stylish! Lovely x

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updates of casey leonard | Teen Titans Go! | Breadwinners

Here are some updates on Casey Leonard, a super talented animator, and my hubby <3.  He storyboarded for the new Teen Titans Go! cartoon airing on Cartoon Network.  And now he’s the director on Breadwinners, a new cartoons series being made a Nickelodeon. There are lots of good things going on over here.  I can’t wait to decorate his new studio space! you can follow more of our adventures on instagram here and here!

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